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Is the 510k Approval Process Outdated?

Does new always equal better? “New” and “improved” have been marketing buzzwords ever since the early days of Madison Avenue. A newer version of a car or airplane or charcoal grill usually is the culmination of years of use and lessons learned from failures. It’s logical to believe that the newest version of something represents […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Healthcare

Healthcare has always depended on technology to provide the best care to patients and AI is no exception. Cutting-edge technology is a wealth of opportunity and nowhere is this more advantageous as healthcare. The world is going through a technological revolution and artificial intelligence is permeating all kinds of industries making processes simpler, quicker, and […]

Will Disposable Caps Solve Dirty Scope Problem?

When it comes to the medical field, everyone is searching for those ‘silver bullet’ solutions that offer repeatable, consistent success and reduces operating expenses. Some of the most expensive tools and procedures are often the most conclusive when it comes to diagnosis. No one wants to accept a drop in performance, so the search for […]