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Risks of Obesity

A small study released in 2017 has documented a possible link between brain activity and the risk of obesity in teens. The study scanned the brains of teenagers while they were exposed to tempting phrases about food and a buffet of low and high-calorie food. The study called these phrases “food cues.” The results of […]

What is a Medical Device?

The definition of a medical device is a simple textbook answer. For the sake of clarity, the exact meaning has been shaped over the years based on what a device does or is intended to do. Here, we are going to discuss the technical definition and what that means for the laymen.   Defining a […]

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Remington Medical is a leader in the industry of medical device manufacturers. We stay in the lead by delivering high-quality products promptly. We have two Georgia-based locations and one in the Dominican Republic. These sites allow us to offer our clients high-quality contract medical manufacturing services. These state-of-the-art buildings let us build premium medical products […]