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Changes In Business

In a changing medical world, Remington Medical is at the forefront of innovation and design. The medical marketplace is evolving into systems that are becoming more business in structure, and many are looking to become more business savvy all while providing the best healthcare for their patients. At Remington Medical, we understand the changes you are going through and will help you with vendor management, cost standardization, and consistency across all avenues of medical devices.

Inventory Management

With multiple buildings comes multiple inventories to manage. The constant struggle between keeping enough hospital supplies on hand versus balancing the amount of stock waiting to be used is a struggle many medical facilities deal with on a daily basis. We will work within your budget to get your multiple sites our devices in a timely manner, all so you can help your patients effectively and worry less about your on-hand inventory. Trusting Remington Medical allows your staff to work more productively.

Value Analysis Committees

We work with hospital systems to standardize pricing and product selection across multiple facilities.

Cost Standardization

Saving money is at the bottom line of all medical facilities. The best way to do this is finding the best of the many hospital supply companies to partner with. By looking at the bigger picture, we become your partner, along with your value analysis committee, to approach and adopt the healthcare environment. While we understand patient care is at the core of your company, you are also a business that needs to have control over your costs. Remington Medical can help keep your costs down on devices.


As your healthcare system expands, so does your needs for device management. We’ve helped many hospitals come up with creative solutions to standardize their devices with Remington products across all of their locations. When you have the standardization of these devices, doctors, nurses, and techs get acquainted with the devices faster and can efficiently move from location to location for your patients’ care. The simplicity of consistency will help your staff, bottom-line, and in turn, your patients.