High Quality Medical Devices for Your Facility

At Remington Medical our goal is to provide safe disposable medical devices of the highest quality to our customers quickly with the greatest standard of customer service. Remington Medical manufactures and distributes disposable medical devices to several medical specialty fields. These include products for Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology, Vascular Access, Urology and General Surgery. Remington Medical’s own manufactured products include, pacing cables, needles, syringes, drainage bags and introducer kits.

Our Proven Success


We supply 88% of the top 610 ranked cardiology surgery hospitals.


Over 200 dedicated individuals work at Remington Medical.


Over 25 years in business.

  • In-House Manufactured Products

    Remington Medical has a vast array of equipment and expertise to assist companies with manufacturing their products. Our facilities total 80,000 square feet of operating space to handle small and large projects.

  • Wide Variety of Product Types

    We believe that when we have control over all facets of the manufacturing process a superior product is the result. That is why we manufacture our raw components, assemble in-house, and pass the savings to you.

  • Capacity to Take on Projects of Any Scale

    We’ll take your device concept and use our strengths in innovation and execution to deliver a complete solution. From design and manufacturing to packaging and sterilization, we can handle any project in medical device contract manufacturing.

  • Ability to Create Customized Products

    When you need to launch a new or revised product, and your company is facing time to market constraints, Remington Medical’s contract manufacturing services can fulfill your needs from conception to delivery. This full-service model allows us to provide high levels of customer service, tailored to your needs, throughout the entire product development cycle.


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