For the proper arteriovenous access prior to procedures, vascular access devices from Remington get the job done right.

Vascular Access

Vascular access is essential for the majority of surgeries in clinics or hospitals. The catheters you use on your patients must be designed to withstand days or weeks of use, and Remington Medical has years of experience with developing disposable, tear away sheath introducer kits specially designed for dilator to sheath transition.

Choose The Right Vascular Devices

When selecting implements for your facility, look for quality products that meet all of your business’, and patients,’ standards.

• Kink resistant tubes
• Spin-lock introducer sheaths
• Smooth taper and dilator
• Multiple sizes available

Access To Your Patients' Vasculature

is easy with Remington Medical vascular access devices.

Remington Medical Difference

Remington Medical can customize medical devices specifically for your patients and company. With our fast turnaround time and rapid prototyping, your business won’t have to wait long for a replenishment of inventory. In addition to our expertise in customization, we specialize in disposable medical devices developed for the always evolving medical field structure.

Vascular Access Devices

The importance of your patients’ comfortability, as well as high-quality, top-value products, is our number one priority. All of our tools have been developed specifically for the ease of the technician and doctors as well as the comfort of the patients.