Remington Medical’s pacing cables are designed and manufactured to be your go-to solution.

Cardiac Rhythm Management

The success of surgeries that use vascular access devices has increased in the past decade due to better equipment and the research that has led to faster recovery rates. Remington Medical understands the success of your operations doesn’t just lie in your doctors’ hands but in the team and vascular access medical products they use. Our first medical device was a pacing cable, and as we have progressed as a company, we’ve taken the opportunity to improve the design and make it work for you.

Cardiology Supplies

Cardiac rhythm management has different facets that make cardiology a complex science. Whether you are a surgeon, nurse, or OR specialist, Remington Medical is here to make your job easier. With a full range of devices at our disposal, we can ensure your patients are getting the best care with the best products.

  • Open heart surgery
  • Bypass surgery
  • External pacemaker
  • Defibrillator implants
  • Precautionary post-op care

Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices From Remington Medical

Never worry about processing, short circuits, or running low on supply!

Pacing Cables

  • ADAP-2000 – For a safe connection between 2mm shrouded pin pacing catheters and the Medtronic Temporary Pacemaker Model 5348 or 5388, the attached Pace-Loc clip secures the connection ensuring patient safety is not compromised.
  • BS-101-97 – Our disposable bi-ventricular pacing cable has three leads with small alligator clip style ends for a more cost-effective and safe alternative to a reusable pacing cable.
  • FL-601-97 – Remington Medical’s extension cable for open heart pacing has disposable screw-down extensions to ensure epicardial wires remain separate. As an alternative to reusable pacing cables, this extension cable is compatible with a Medtronic 5348 or 5388 EPG.
  • S-101-97 – This customizable, disposable temporary pacing cable offers the choice of two different-size alligator clips. Compatible with Medtronic 5348 or 5388 EPG, this is a safe alternative to reusable pacing cables.

Contracted Cables

We began our business because we saw a need for disposable, sterile cables that work properly at a moments notice. Many well-known medical brands started working with us because of our dedication to superior products and innovative design. These big name brands sell you the cables we manufacture under their name while we can provide you the same cables at a fraction of the cost. We are proud to pass the savings onto our customers.

Your patients depend on you for their successful surgeries. Depend on Remington Medical to supply you with the best disposable temporary pacing cables that can be specialized for your use. Contact us today to see how we can design cables for you and your business.