State-of-the-Art Solutions From Start to Finish


Contract Medical Manufacturing

Remington Medical offers contract medical manufacturing services to the medical device industry from our two Georgia-based facilities as well as our space in the Dominican Republic. These state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities allow us to provide turnkey customer solutions with unparalleled quality.

When you need to launch a new or revised product, and your company is facing time to market constraints, Remington Medical’s contract manufacturing services can fulfill your needs from conception to delivery. This comprehensive, full-service model allows us to provide high levels of customer service throughout the entire product development cycle.

Our contract manufacturing customers come from a wide variety of specialties, so we’re experienced in creating customized solutions to fit unique needs and timelines. Whether you don’t have the capacity to develop the product or simply do not want to, we’re ready to step in and help. By integrating all aspects of the product development cycle under one umbrella, we can closely monitor every step in the design, development, and completion of your product.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Remington Medical has a vast array of advanced equipment and high-level expertise to assist companies with manufacturing their products. Our facilities total 80,000 square feet of operating space to handle small and large projects alike.

With capabilities in design, manufacturing, packaging, and sterilization, we are ready to take on any project in medical device contract manufacturing.

The Premier Medical Device Company

Custom medical devices are easy from start to finish with Remington Medical!

Innovation & Execution

Our project teams consist of agile, talented and dedicated experts working to create your ideal solution. With our highly skilled engineers on your side, you can rest assured you’re receiving cutting-edge products to streamline and advance your organization.

  • Product Design & Management - Rapid Prototyping, CAD/CAM Capabilities
  • Complete Mold Design & Build - Wire and Sinker EDM's, CNC Milling, Swiss Screw Machining
  • Manufacturing - Injection Molding, LSR, Thermoforming, Ultrasonic Welding, CO2 Laser Marking, Hot Stamping, IPC-610 and 620 Standards
  • Packaging & Sterilization - ISO Class 8 Clean Room, Custom Trays, Shrink Wrapping, Heat Sealing, Outsourced Sterilization


Remington Medical provides a competitive advantage for our customers by getting involved early in the product development cycle and taking it through to completion. It’s common for companies to outsource engineering and manufacturing to lower total production costs and free up financial resources, but by offering all of these services under one roof, we are able to offer superior customer service and rapid turnaround times.

At Remington Medical, we provide solutions across the entire supply chain, from product design and prototyping all the way through to quality control and sterilization without losing the customer service our clients have come to expect. Our wide offerings ensure you receive the exact solution you’re looking for. It’s our goal to provide your company with a cost-effective solution that improves patient outcomes.

Our team of experts will work with you to deliver the highest-quality products at the lowest cost through all phases of product realization. Remington Medical enables companies to launch more top-of-the-line products in less time with the highest levels of customer service in the industry … it’s simply how we do business.