Our strict standards on design and manufacturing guarantee the best cardiovascular surgery devices for your facility.

Cardiovascular Surgery Tools

As a leading device manufacturer, Remington Medical has many unique devices designed specifically for cardiovascular surgery. Many hospitals or surgery centers depend on the sterilization and reuse of their devices and working with Remington Medical will allow your team to have sterilized, cardiovascular surgery devices specific to your needs. Maintaining strict standards as well as precision quality, each design can be modified and customized to any requirements you or your patients may have.

Pacemaker Implant Surgery

Your patients are trusting you with one of their most precious organs, and since heart failure is one of the leading killers in the world, cardiac surgery is increasing with each year. With an Endocardial approach, the most common technique, leads are fed into the heart. Electric impulses are used to keep the heart beating in proper time. To keep pace properly, these leads are connected to a PSA via pacing cables to ensure effective implementation.

Our cables are essential for you and your patients. Using the best ones available, that are sterile and disposable, can offer many distinct advantages in the operating room.

- 40% -

The percentage of cardiac surgeries that are complicated by the spread of infection, which can be reduced by using disposable devices.

Benefits of Disposable Devices

Infections complicate anywhere from a quarter to 40% of major cardiac surgeries. Most of these infections can be mitigated by the sterilization of tools and implementations. When tools need to be sterilized after every use, there is always the opportunity for contamination or cross-contamination that lead to the spread of infection. Utilizing disposable cardiovascular surgery supplies eliminates the chance of user error in reprocessing. Studies have even found that hospitals that use disposable tools save money by reducing hospital labor, sterile room overhead, and logistics.

Custom Manufacturing

Your needs for cardiovascular surgery supplies are always changing, but at Remington Medical, we are ready to get you the tools you need. Our fast design and turnaround time means the process from start to finish is quick and efficient. We are always here to help engineer the perfect devices for your specific needs. Contact Remington Medical today to see how we can keep your OR clean, save you money, and ensure your surgeries’ success.