Oncology and Immunology can help lead to the most educated choice of treatment for your patients – Remington Medical can help!

Oncology Supply

Essential to diagnosing cancer and other diseases, biopsies are doctors’ indicators to a successful diagnosis, and then the treatment, of cancer and more. With the assistance of Remington Medicals’ professionally developed biopsy needles, your team will effectively be able to biopsy patients’ tissue samples. Our wide range of needles that can be customized for your needs, come in a variety of gauges, lengths, and types, to make the retrieval of tissue samples easier and less painful for your patients.

Compatible with most biopsy instruments, our full range of soft tissue biopsy needles have color-coded hubs for easy identification of gauge size. All of our needles come in boxes of ten with complete sterilization and sealed packaging.

Needles for Soft Tissue Biopsy

  • B-Needle – Fits most biopsy instruments including Bard® Biopty® and Argon Pro-Mag™ 2.2.
  • BB-Needle – For use with the Bard® Biopty® Instrument and Argon Pro-Mag™ 2.2.
  • Breast Localization Needle
  • M-Needle – Compatible with the Bard® Magnum biopsy instrument.
  • MLL-Needle – Compatible with the Bard® Magnum biopsy instrument.
  • N-Needle – Compatible with the Argon Pro-Mag™ 2.2.
  • U-Needle – Fits most biopsy devices including Bard® Biopty® and Argon Pro-Mag™ 2.2.
  • Ultra Needle – Compatible with the Argon Pro-Mag Ultra 2.5 biopsy instrument.

More Accurate, Complete Samples

Our needles will help you gather full specimens so you will be able to make an accurate diagnosis.

Needles for Bone Marrow Biopsy

Designed for quick and easy penetration into the marrow cavity, our bone marrow biopsy needles have unique features that make biopsies fast and accurate. The variety of lengths can be customized to your specific need as well as gauge width.

Immunology Supplies

The use of biopsy tools for immunology studies is broadening our understanding of diseases and genetic mutations. Because many diseases are spread quickly, it is essential to use sterile, non-contaminated tools for specimen draws. This study is now necessary to many avenues of diseases including;

  • Oncology
  • Metabolic
  • Cardiovascular
  • Neurodegenerative
  • Neoplastic

All of Remington Medical’s biopsy needles have years of research and development behind their designs. Many clinics, doctors’ offices, and hospitals rely on our biopsy needles for easy and effective biopsy draws. Contact us today to customize any of our products to your specifications.