Remington Medical offers the best disposable devices for your cath lab procedures.

Cath Lab Supplies

Cath Labs are crucial to medical offices and hospitals dealing with heart problems because they offer views that assist in the preparation of a patient for surgery. In a world where the medical field is becoming more competitive and structured like a business, we understand how important it is to have the right tools, at the right time for you access to a patient’s heart. At Remington Medical we make your job easier! You no longer have to search for the best product or settle for a product that doesn’t fit your needs. We design and develop the perfect disposable medical devices for your facility.

Lab Supply Companies

Cath lab supplies help prepare a patient when placing a temporary pacing catheter before surgery. At Remington Medical we are proud to have extensive knowledge of cath lab procedures as well as the tools that make your job easier. We will bring our cables into your lab or facility to show you the superiority of craftsmanship and how that will impact your positive results.

  • FL Cables
  • Bag Decanters

Superior Customer Service

Our sales reps will come and show you our products, in your lab, to see how you can utilize them!

Disposable vs. Reusable

The time and energy it takes for your team to disinfect, sterilize, and clean tools are not only time-consuming, but it also is expensive and plays into when your tools are available for procedures. With Remington Medical’s disposable cath lab supplies, you will always have them on hand, and they’ll always be sterilized. Instead of worrying about if your supplies are ready, you can concentrate on the procedure ahead and your patients. Your lab supplies are as essential as your expertise, shouldn’t you trust them to the best in the business? Remington Medical can show you the difference in excellence.

The Remington Difference

Remington Medical is devoted to our customers and wants to help make your job easier and your patients more comfortable. With our dedication focused exclusively on medical devices, we have the knowledge, skill, and research to eliminate the hassle and difficulty with sourcing, searching, and purchasing your cath lab tools. We are proud of our team of dedicated professionals that can help you select which devices will benefit your facility the most. Want to see them in action? We'll come to your cath lab to show you all of the benefits of being a Remington Medical customer.