Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

View of medical equipment

As an innovative medical device manufacturer, Remington Medical delivers a wide range of high-quality medical supplies, surgical instruments, and medical equipment for top hospitals and medical facilities in the United States. We offer our own line of quality products and help clients bring their devices to the market with our contract manufacturing services.

Innovative Medical Device Manufacturers

With two Georgia-based production facilities and one in the Dominican Republic, clients across the globe benefit from our dedicated approach to medical device contract manufacturing.

Bringing a new medical product to the market is a complex process, but when you partner with our experienced team, you get a full-service model that caters to your needs from start to finish.

Our Approach

As a leading contract manufacturing company, Remington’s dedicated project team approaches contract manufacturing with innovation and quality in mind.

When you partner with us to bring your device to market, you get:

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Quality solutions to complex issues
  • Expedited results
  • Innovative team members
  • In-house quality assurance
  • High-quality devices

As a full-service medical device manufacturer, you can house your entire product development process under one roof, minimizing the need to outsource to third-party vendors. The entire supply chain for contract manufacturing goes through our experienced team, and nothing is done without our project team’s supervision. From design to development, and all the way to final packaging, we oversee the entire process.

Medical Surgical Equipment Manufacturers

The benefits of contract manufacturing services with Remington extend into the surgery realm. As leading medical surgical equipment manufacturers, we take your medical device idea and bring it to life, resulting in cost-saving, disposable surgical equipment that eliminates reprocessing fees. As the need for general surgeries continues to rise, the Remington team leads the design and manufacturing of disposable surgical instruments, providing top hospitals and medical facilities with high-quality, disposable medical equipment.

We can manage any project in medical device contract manufacturing. From design to final packaging, we handle every step to bring your surgical equipment to market. Our services include:

  • Design
    • We design and develop a prototype to help address any issues before your product starts production.
  • In-House Tool Shop
    • Our in-house tool shop allows us to put accuracy and precision into our medical device manufacturing services.
  • Manufacturing
  • Sterilization
    • We take the stress out of handling the sterilization process, monitoring the cycle to ensure that standards are met.
  • Packaging
    • All of our medical device packaging is performed in a certified clean room and conducted by an experienced professional.

Streamlining Managed Sterilization

As a turnkey manufacturer, Remington provides managed sterilization for your device, communicating with the sterilization vendor of your choice and ensuring the success of the sterilization process. Our team works with the vendor to get your medical device to their facility where the proper sterilants are used for a quality sterilization cycle.

It’s our goal to streamline the managed sterilization process for you. We make sure that any necessary audits are performed and certificates of conformity are completed, giving you the peace of mind that your medical equipment load is sterilized efficiently.

Experience the Benefits of Contract Manufacturing With Remington

We maintain our industry-leading position by delivering quality turn-key operations for contract manufacturing, carrying the load every step of the way.

The main benefit of contract manufacturing with Remington is that we don’t outsource services, like engineering and assembly, allowing us to ensure a higher level of medical equipment quality. Our production facilities can handle high volume demands and maintain a superior level of quality, control, and sterilization.

Our goal is to deliver safe, disposable medical supplies, offering excellent customer service and streamlining processes to make your life easier. When you start a new project, we face the challenges with you, guiding you through budget constraints and upcoming deadlines. Consider us your trusted, full-service medical device manufacturer, following through with every step, from conception to final packaging. Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from contract manufacturing with Remington Medical.