Oncology Supply

For over 35 years, Oncology Supply has managed the supply of chemotherapy and supportive care products for private oncology practices. They support independent oncology practices nationwide from their office in Dothan, AL. Their mission is to enhance the lives of cancer patients with innovative solutions and quality pharmaceutical care. They make the purchasing process more comfortable and build lasting relationships based on trust in their service.


ION Solutions

In 1998, they teamed up with ION Solutions to become an exclusive distributor. ION Solutions is a resource for community-based oncologists. They are an international oncology network that offers the services of an integrated oncology network. ION provides GPO contracting, integrated dispensing options, and expert methods to enhance clinical management. They work with manufacturers to improve product exposure and drive product growth.

Managed care companies come to them for plans to cut costs and deliver more consistent care to their patients. ION meets their high-quality standards by using their experience and industry network to offer consulting guidance and contract programs. They bring all of these resources to bear on improving patient care across the board.


Services They Provide

Together, these companies offer many services that raise the condition of pharmaceutical care and products that improve a patient’s quality of life. In addition to their products, they also offer programs and partnerships that will make your patient care more straightforward.

Oncology Supply and ION Solutions collaborates with leading third-party service providers that independent oncology practices can take advantage of to improve the functions of their practice.

  • They have access to a single-source laboratory solution in Integrated Oncology that delivers high-quality pathology and analysis. This resource can upgrade the operations of your practice.
  • Thorne Research Center Supportive Care provides nutritional supplements. Their services are centered on raising the quality of life, minimizing side effects, and supporting the completion of treatment. These supplements are manufactured in the United States, in an FDA-compliant GMP facility.


The partnerships of Oncology Supply and ION also provide services that can cut your costs and automate aspects of your workflow.

  •  The Nucleus inventory management system will accurately track your usage and expenses. Practices can use this system to reduce carrying costs and eliminate unused product waste.
  • PatientPoint is a technical program that offers education and engagement to your patients. It can be customized to deliver information on crucial aspects of the care you provide. Patients can look at stories of survival or tips for caregivers. It is an educational resource that can enhance the relationship between patient and health care provider.


These services are just a sampling of the tools that Oncology Supply and ION Solutions offers. There are dozens of other resources just waiting to assist independent oncology practices. They will work with you to find the best ways their allies can enhance your methods and practices. Working with this duo is an investment in the future of your practice and the way you care for your patients.